TOP 7 events on island Krk

Island Krk offers a large variety of events. There are always novelties to the events but we made this top list to showcase the well-known and famous events that happen each year on our island:

Krk fair: Large stages with a rich program return each year anew! It is all about the medieval ages, Frankopan lineage, workshops, and lots of music programs. Krk fair isn’t just a reminder of the days of old but also encapsulates the spirit of Krk that changes during these three days. Soldiers march around the town with full gear and you might meet some jugglers that entertain the crowd but one thing is for certain – there will be no shortage of fun! Expect the Krk fair each year at the end of August.

The medieval theme carries over to the offerings on stands, workshops, and handmade things. The town of Krk also presents the brand of our local ham (Krčki pršut) which is certified with a European quality mark. And when the sun goes down, a few large stages activate and the music programs lead long into the night!

Crna ovca (Black sheep): Baška has been known for years now for its Black sheep festival – a festival which praises all Baška is known for sheep, beautiful nature, hospitality, a famous lamb dish, and spectacular music events! Black Sheep is traditionally held in mid-May. On those days you will run into the Black sheep mascots all around the place. There will also be guided tours with lots of outdoor fun, top-quality gastronomy, and great music. For those few days, Baška changes into a festive Baška in a way. It creates such a unique atmosphere that people wait specifically for this event to go around each year – it is just that good!

If you haven’t visited the famous Baška Black sheep – just have to! Sign up for the programs, taste local cuisine, and enjoy the music events with your friends firsthand!

Užance: Vrbnik is a town with a rich history. The medieval town of Frankopan has always been proud of its customs, tradition, and folklore. The town of “sopele” (a music instrument) and “tesnek”(traditional robes) stands proud over the sea, hidden away from the large wine field. Participating in Užance means you will see and feel how Vrbnik looked before modern times – handmade šurlice, cooking dinner on a fireplace in a traditional Vrbnik house, tales of times past, dancing of folk in traditional robes with the sounds of sopele around them. This almost family atmosphere is contagious and you get swept by its easy-going nature and intrigue. No one is quite immune to this type of Vrbnik charm. Although the event does not have a fixed date it revolves each year around the month of August.

Fisherman days in Punat and Migavica in Šilo: because of the fact that Krk is an island, different places around our island are directly tied to the sea in many ways. The big blue offered people a source of food and a place for work so it is natural that our people still feel indebted to the sea and pay their respects to it.

Fisherman days in Punat

There are many fisherman feasts and days devoted to the sea in Punat. These days are not just delicious gastronomy events but they also recollect the days when ships were still dependent on the forces of wind and sea. Old ships sail along the Punat coastline evoking memories of the days passed.

Migavica in Šilo

Šilo on the other hand has a fest called Migavica. Its name stands for a traditional event when the local fisherman set out at the crack of dawn to fish while using the old technique with the nets. What makes it special is the number of people that get involved from such an early hour and the way it is done. Everything is done by hand, showing exactly how it was once done decades ago. Besides the story around the fishing, everyone is invited to a true fisherman fest with fried fish and a live brass band to keep the spirits up! Although the fishing spectacle is just that with the pulling of the nets being just a showcasing of technique – it really is nice to see so many people honoring their tradition and having fun at the same time.

Sensa is a cheese festival in Dubašnica, Malinska. This festivity is special for its traditional cheese race where local folk run in a race against each other in order to win a prize. The prize is obviously always a reel of homemade cheese! Later everyone goes to the riviera to enjoy a folklore dance event and you can also find many homemade cheese products for purchase. This well-rounded event holds everything in check: great food, tradition, and a bit of intrigue. It is held in late May together with the holiday of Ascension.

Antički dani (Days of Ancient Rome) is the most well-known attraction in Omišalj. In Fulfinium, an antic old town, during the days of ancient Rome – everything comes to life! With adequate costumes and lore, tents, soldiers, horses, entertainers, and Caesar – the legion returns to provide the guest with a gladiator spectacle!

From the moment you set foot on the sea path to Fulfinium, you are offered a costume to blend in. The event has been polished to the slightest detail so that the experience is as authentic as possible!

Later you can find all sorts of medieval stands and fun – from aiming with the crossbow, making pots, ancient hairstyles, craft beer, and so on. Simply describing this event does not do it justice – you must experience it for yourself! Be on the lookout for the days of ancient Rome on Fulfinium in mid-July.


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