6 reasons why choose a villa rental for your holiday

Villa Nadia

In these challenging times, there are many reasons why you should aim for a relaxing holiday, away from a crowd and specially tailored for your own holiday requests. Here we break down 6 reasons why you should book a villa rental for your next holiday:

Ultimate privacy

Margari Villas

In a villa, you have your own privacy and you don’t have to share the amenities with strangers. You are avoiding the noisy neighbours, and you don’t have to worry about noise complaints. You don’t have to wake early to catch the best lounge by the pool. You have your private garden with the pool and sun lounges which you can use any time wanted.

Family vacation

Traveling with children can be challenging, but you can make it easier by renting a luxury villa with all facilities for children to play and you won’t need to worry about kids making a mess. It is also easier to organize children’s meals with a fully equipped luxury villa kitchen.

Villa Magdalena

Bigger, fully equipped units

When you rent a luxury villa you’ll always get more space in one unit, not only interiors but also exterior, which includes everything needed, garden, pool, playground, rooms with ensuite bathrooms, spacious living and dining place, open kitchen and usually entertaining room as well as spa space and gym, all just for you and your family and friends. A private villa offers multiple private rooms, plenty of space for everyone to move around, and the feel of a real household with great areas for everyone to mingle and enjoy each others company, or retreat to their own space for some privacy.

Value for money

You may say that a luxury villa is expensive, but you have to agree that if you book an entire villa, you’ll get the whole package at one price, and you won’t be charged for a person or rooms used. If you’re booking an extended stay or traveling with a group of people, you’ll see that no hotel can compete with the value for money of a luxury villa, which provides a much more comfortable experience.

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Personalized vacation

When you choose a villa holiday you can organize your time as you want and you don’t have to be “a slave” of meal schedules. You can enjoy your own prepared meals in your kitchen or organize BBQ evenings. There will be enough time to experience delicious food in local taverns and restaurants. You can organize your time exploring local sights or arrange bike and hike tours, or even enjoy the private boat tours. All necessary information can be found in your local tourist agency.

Villa Valica

Less stress on arrival departure

You choose the way of arrival and departure to your vacation, avoiding crowded airports and airplane schedules and enjoying the comfort and privacy of your own car.

Villa Tereza

There are just some reasons to choose a villa for your vacation, where you can feel at home away from home. A villa holiday allows you to spend quality time with people who truly matter to you, with no strangers in sight.

We can help in finding the perfect villa for you. Have a great vacation!

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