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TOP 7 events on island Krk

Island Krk offers a large variety of events. There are always novelties to the events but we made this top list to showcase the well-known and famous events that happen each year on our...

Thinking about renting a boat this summer?

If you want to have the most fantastic holiday experience don’t miss the opportunity to rent a boat on the island of Krk. Boating is one of the best forms of safe, outdoor activities...

Island of Krk on two wheels

CYCLING ON THE ISLAND OF KRK Visit Krk once, you’ll most definitely come back. There’s something so fascinating about Krk and experiencing all those new memories that you’ll simply feel the urge to return. One...

Walking & Hiking on the island of Krk

We can all agree that the island of Krk is wonderful during summertime, but what we still have to show you is that the island of Krk is just as beautiful during winter. Sunbathing,...

6 reasons why choose a villa rental for your holiday

In these challenging times, there are many reasons why you should aim for a relaxing holiday, away from a crowd and specially tailored for your own holiday requests. Here we break down 6 reasons...

Why pick Krk for your vacation?

Island Krk has been a favourite destination for many families for decades now. There are many reasons why one would pick Island Krk for his vacation. To be more precise, there are seven reasons...