Why pick Krk for your vacation?

Island Krk has been a favourite destination for many families for decades now. There are many reasons why one would pick Island Krk for his vacation. To be more precise, there are seven reasons to pick Krk! Seven parts of the island with seven towns are all unique in their own right.

Families and couples both love Island Krk as their vacation destination because of its mild climate. Winters are relatively warm, summers are on the other hand very pleasurable thanks to many winds and our geolocation. The sun provides warmth without harmful sun rays most of the day.

Each part of the island provides you with something different:

Krk is the main town of the island and it provides you with many fun things to do: from excellent apartments, beaches, restaurants, and boat tours, all the way to medieval sites like the famous Frankopan castle and Krk old town with beautiful streets. The old town is one of three medieval jewels on our island. The other two are the old town of Omišalj and Vrbnik.

Krk also offers marked roads for bike and hike fun. You can explore the ethnology house in Kornić and St. Krševan near Milohnić town for starters.

If you prefer having an active vacation you will be thrilled to learn of Activity Center Krk. This newly opened park is heaven for people who like to exercise and it is unique not just for Croatia but also on a European scale!

With the world-famous Venice Beach as a role model, this exercise park was made with a great location and health in mind. Located in a pine forest right beside the sea – you need to see this stunning view! Although this would demand a blog on its own, we invite you to explore this great park for yourself!

Punat is a nautical paradise on the other hand. Marina Punat is within reach if you own a boat or like to sail! The fact that it is the oldest and most renowned marina on our coast is saying a lot! They are first-class professionals and you will love them if the sea is in your DNK.

This location is also hiding some beautiful natural beaches adored by many tourists – Stara Baška is the epitome of authentic natural beauty, raw as it comes! We invite you to take at least one early morning swim near Stara Baška – you will love it!

If you prefer a more active vacation there are many hills atop Punat or Stara Baška for you to enjoy – Veli Vrh and Obzova are some hilltops you must conquer. For all of you that are more adventurous, we challenge you to a really long hike from Veli Vrh and Treskavac all the way to Bag near Baška!

Baška is on the other side of these before-mentioned hills, and this town is mostly known for two things – Vela Plaža (the biggest beach on the island) and outdoor tourism. Their huge beach has become synonymous with Baška as times while its nature and the surroundings of Baška invite you to explore the nature aspect of this area.

You can hike through the area or you can employ your bike, which every way you go about it – it will be a treat. The hiking aspect is really unique because of the geology that surrounds you and the specific rocks that are around you. Be careful to wear good foot-gear when you go out! If you like some speed, you might enjoy the famous Zipline Edison which has been the Tripadvisor NO.1 attraction for Baška these few years.

Vrbnik is the medieval town of the Frankopan lineage, the family that has ruled our island for many centuries. The town is well known for its wine and its native sort called Žlahtina. This dry white wine has made Vrbnik an important gastronomy stop you must not bypass. Besides great wine and food, Vrbnik is surrounded by lovely nature (the sandy beach of Risika and the mountain pass towards Glavina). It is like a little gem containing many surprises for a relatively small terrain!

The municipality of Dobrinj represents the heart of island Krk tourism when we talk vacation houses. Most vacation houses are from this region, specifically from the inner part of Dobrinj. These rustic houses mostly equipped with a swimming pool make for the best place for families to take it easy and enjoy their holidays. Be sure to check out our vacation house offers!

Apart from these great houses, Dobrinj offers a few specific things like a restaurant right next to the sea (Restaurant Žal) and a huge sandy beach with therapeutic mud. The nature here is also another reason to explore this part of the island!

Njivice and Omišalj make for a blend of modern and traditional. Njivice is often recognized as a great place for family vacations because of its position while Omišalj offers a medieval atmosphere because of its beautiful old town and Mirine – a town from the Classical period. We wrote more about Mirine and the Days of Rome in our blog! Be sure not to miss this fabulous event in July!

We are slowly coming to the end of encircling the whole island so we come to Malinska at last. Malinska together with smaller towns such as Vantačići and Porat make for some of the youngest settlements on our island. That is the reason why only Porat contains a historically important monastery. However, there is much to enjoy in Malinska! It offers great apartments and vacation houses. Couple that with the calm sea, great sunsets, and nature and it’s no wonder that Malinska is loved by families all around Europe! There are also plenty of restaurants and bars, a local beer house, and stacked events that will provide fun during the evening. Be sure to enjoy a walk down Paradise Road while staying in Malinska!

This blog comes to its end with the conclusion that our island is great no matter what place you decide to stay in. The island itself is relatively small so the benefits of owning a car are plain to see. You can cruise each day to a different part of the island enjoying the local uniqueness there! We recommend at least staying a whole week to explore the island thoroughly. More time than a week will allow you to do just that on a slower schedule.

Make your plans for visiting our island – you will need them! Cya!



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