Autumn on island Krk

Island Krk is well known for its beautiful nature and mild climate, so it comes as no surprise that autumn is buzzing with possibilities on our island.

Every part of the island offers something different to do. Town Krk offers a lovely view from the Frankopan castle and pleasant walks no matter what the season is. Krk is surrounded by a huge stretch of olive groves that produce the finest virgin olive oil there is. That alone invites everyone to explore the gastronomical opportunities in Krk. Events like the Taste of Autumn within the Krk Food Fest are an excellent excuse to go and have yourself a delicious lunch.

Punat and Malinska are also well known for their olive oil. Because of the landscape and beautiful nature – Malinska hosts a number of outdoor events this time of the year. They all promote active vacation via bike or walk coupled with delicacies and food tastings. Olive Touch is a new program launched this year which provides a bond between nature and our guests so that they can also participate in olive harvesting. Different trail events are also frequent on weekends in Malinska.

After the wine season in Vrbnik and the famous harvest in the Vrbnik field, the wine cellars are full of the famous Vrbnička žlahtina. Besides its most famous wine, Vrbnik is well known for being the most beautiful old town there is on our island. Narrow streets filled with history and meaning, are just wonderful to explore and experience. Besides many little churches and old sites of ruins, Gradec, the world’s narrowest street, Vrbnik wine field, the sea, and some hiking roads – Vrbnik really challenges you while asking – what do YOU want to do!

Baška is strong in the outdoor department and offers much in terms of hiking and biking programs. Outdoor Baška is a large-scale event that also puts forward the newly created values like rock climbing and the great Zip Line fun. The Zip Line Edison is currently the #1 attraction in Baška according to Trip Advisor – we recommend you try this adrenaline fun at least once while staying with us! After all the possibilities of active vacation, there is besides the famous Vela plaža (the biggest beach in Baška) a delicious lunch afterward sounds like a treat!

Punat was always known as the town of boats and the center of nautical fun – especially the biggest marina – Marina Punat. Whether you are a boat owner or you just want to enjoy our beautiful, blue sea and the horizon – there are also a number of charter companies that will lend you a hand in accomplishing your dream. Besides the rich nautical programs in Punat you can also enjoy a lovely walk beside the sea and the small island Košljun which is one of the gems of our heritage. If you are more of an active type you will be pleased to know there are lots of great hiking routes you can take and also two mountain tops you can best – Veli Vrh and Obzovo!

Enjoy Autumn on Island Krk! <3


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