Fly to Krk

How to get here by car?

Krk is the northernmost Croatian island, which means that it is also the closest to you if you travel by car. In addition, the Krk Bridge connects the island of Krk with the mainland, so your trip is much simpler and easier. Crossing the bridge is chargeable, the price is 35 HRK (5 EUR) for personal vehicles, but only on arrival. Leaving the island is free!

Only 20 km from the bridge there is a ferry port in Valbiska, from where you can reach other Kvarner islands: Cres, Lošinj and Rab.

How to get here by plane?

Did you know that on the island of Krk near Omišalj, there is Rijeka Airport, the central airport for the entire Kvarner region? It is a small airport, but it connects this tourist region with all major European cities. In the year 2019, the low-cost company Eurowings introduced the year-round line Rijeka – Düsseldorf, and Croatia Airlines introduces a line Rijeka – Munich, which both fly twice a week and through those two airports you can fly to all major world destinations.

During the 2019 season, other lines will also connect Krk with other major European cities (Stockholm, Berlin, Frankfurt, Koln, Hamburg, Eindhoven, Stuttgart, London, Marseille, Beograd, Goteborg, Hannover, Košice), as well as distant destinations such as Riga, Tel Aviv and Tallinn. There is also a regular line between Krk and the two most remote Croatian cities: Dubrovnik and Osijek.

You can see the detailed flight schedule here: Arrivals 2019 Departures 2019

What to do when you land on Krk?

The airport is about 3,5 km away from Omišalj, 10 km from Njivice, 15 km from Malinska, and 23 km from the town of Krk, so there are several possibilities to reach your desired destination.

At the airport there is organized reception and taxi transportation for passengers, contacts and prices of taxi transportation can be found here.

From the airport, there is an organized shuttle service to Opatija, Crikvenica, Rijeka, Kraljevica and Omišalj. You can find the schedule and prices here. A regular bus line from Omišalj is also available for other places on the island of Krk.

If you want to explore the island independently during your stay, we suggest you rent a car at the airport, returning it also at the airport at the end of your stay. The list of rent-a-car companies can be found here. It is advisable to book the vehicle in advance, especially in high season.

In whatever way you decide to come to your holiday destination, we hope that you have booked your accommodation. If you have decided to stay in private accommodation on the island of Krk, we suggest you look at our offer and book accommodation here.


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