Why is it good to book your holiday rental early?

Why book early?

Summer is over and your impressions of a holiday on the beach are still fresh, maybe there is still a trace of your suntan. It is the right time to start thinking about your next summer holiday. In recent years, last-minute holiday decisions have become very popular primarily because of excellent Last Minute offers and incredible discounts. But, do not be fooled. If you decide to book a last-minute offer, you will only be able to choose from what is offered, which is not necessarily what you want. Also, last-minute booking works only if you can travel when you want, and if you are not limited by a certain period of annual leave.

How flexible are you?

If you have a family with children that go to school, if you have a job with strictly defined periods of annual leave, or if you know exactly what you want from your summer holiday, the early booking will enable you to choose what is best for you.

Do you enjoy planning your summer holiday?

For summer holiday enthusiasts whose travel does not begin when their suitcase is ready to go, but instead enjoy planning and love finding out plenty of secrets that their desired destination has to offer, early booking is the only choice. There is a lot of work, but also joy, in choosing a destination – a new one or one that you have already been to, and then you need to decide to put your trust in one of the many offerors. You also need to choose the means of transport to the desired destination, because it is not the same if you travel by your own car to a closer place at the coast or if you travel to a very remote destination and you need to choose a flight, establish the options of traffic connections, do you need a rent-a-car at the destination, or you can use public transportation, or if you want everything to be within easy reach.
For those of you whose summer holiday starts when you look at beautiful photos of a summer resort on social media, early booking is the best option.

Are you traveling as a large group?

It is the time of Advent gatherings where we tell stories about our summer holidays and our plans for the next ones. Your friends love your choice of your next summer destination and you decide – we want to travel together – several families with children, the children will have fun, the grown-ups will socialize – the more the merrier. You can travel together. To find an accommodation facility with several units available in the same period, it is best to book early while there is sufficient availability. This is why early booking is perfect for you.

Are you looking for a unique accommodation facility?

If crowds at the beach are not your favorite and you are looking for an alternative – a private beach in the front yard – or you want to spend your holidays relaxing by the pool of a luxurious villa that will satisfy each and every one of your hedonistic desires, where you will hear birds singing in the morning, or enjoy afternoons on your terrace while your children are having fun at the pool where you can see them, you should definitely book your holiday early because of the limited offer.

Location, location, location…

For those of you whose summer at sea means staying exclusively in accommodation facilities that are close to the beach, where sea view means that there is nothing between the window or terrace and the sea, except maybe a few pine trees for some shade to hide from the summer sun, early booking means that you have ensured your enjoying in the perfect summer holiday. Accommodation by the sea is very sought after, and your booking needs to be made on time.

The early bird catches the… best!

If you are limited by a period when your children are on summer break or you have a defined period for your annual leave, the chances are that this will be during high season between mid-July and mid-August. Even though the dates of high season are the most expensive, they are also sold-out most quickly. Therefore, you should not wait and rely on Last Minute offers, because there is a great chance that you will not find appropriate accommodation in the period when you can travel.

Practical advice for early booking

You are probably in a dilemma regarding payment for summer holidays. You are not prepared to pay the total price of your holiday in advance. You are not required to either. For early bookings you are only required to pay 30% of the total in advance, and you pay the rest two weeks before arrival, or in accordance with your agreement with the agency.
If you book early, we recommend purchasing a travel insurance policy and trip cancellation travel insurance as early as possible, so that you can be careless and without fear of unpredicted situations from the moment you make the reservation until you come home from your holiday.
Finally, even though great last-minute discounts are expected, the early birds will also get good deals. If you book your next summer holiday until New Year’s, you can get excellent discounts on the most wanted and best quality accommodation facilities.
Like the saying says: “First come, first served”. So, hurry up and make your early booking.


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